Email Account

A lifelong email service UM@Connect will be provided after a student joins UM. This email service is available to both current students and alumni. It can be retained for a lifetime once student becomes UM alumni after graduation. However, if students might want use their personal email account, the email forwarding function can be enabled in order not to miss any important messages.

The email is one of the official communication channels between University and students. It is recommended to check this email account regularly for the latest University news and information.

The email address contains the first seven characters of your Student ID number without the “-” sign. For example:

Student No: B-B6-2345-6
User ID: bb62345
UM@Connect address:

Students on UM@Connect can apply for a customized email alias to supplement the email address with User ID. An alias can provide users with a more meaningful email address for external communication. Then, the email address becomes easier to read, write, and remember.

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