RC Education

The University of Macau’s residential college (RC) system provides a platform for knowledge integration based on the University’s 4-in-1 education model with the goal of producing well-rounded graduates equipped for the challenges of life emotionally, morally and intellectually. Students are given the opportunity to cultivate skills and sensibilities of responsible citizenship with a heart and character to contribute to their motherland and Macao, as well as the humankind at large. They learn to take an active role as honest, incorruptible, law-abiding and public-spirited citizens to improve the quality of life and public good. Furthermore, the RC’s communal living and activities help students develop their skills in service and leadership, teamwork and collaboration while enriching their lives through cultural engagement and healthy lifestyles.

Students from different academic disciplines live together in each RC, thereby creating a stimulating learning environment in which, with a broadened intellectual horizon, they are able to comfortably co-exist, communicate, and collaborate with people of different disciplines or cultural backgrounds, meanwhile develop a global perspective, think independently, and uphold self-confidence in cultural aspect. Learning from such experiences would be applied effectively in real-life situations once they enter the workforce after graduation, and get them better prepared to navigate in the globalizing world, lead a globally competitive career, and sustain a fulfilling and joyful life. A dedicated team of RC’s Residential and Non-Residential Fellows offer academic support by conducting non-credit-bearing tutorials pertaining to disciplinary studies, general education, and academic language skills. Through these RC academic programs, students are trained to better integrate academic knowledge, to think critically, and to become innovative and entrepreneurial. In sum, RC education enhances 7 competencies of the students:

  1. Responsible citizenship
  2. Global competitiveness
  3. Knowledge integration
  4. Teamwork and collaboration
  5. Service and leadership
  6. Cultural engagement
  7. Healthy lifestyle

RC Environment & Life

Each RC has its own dining hall and courtyard as well as spaces that serve specific purposes (e.g., classroom, study room, meeting room, common room, music room, gym, laundry room). The RCs offer a wide variety of activities and social events, including High Table Dinners, Master’s Dinners, a series of talks by internal and external guest speakers, activities of special interest groups, exchange activities with other institutions, community service events, entrepreneurial training projects, and Language Tables. English- and Chinese-speaking debating tournaments as well as sporting, cheerleading, singing, and dancing competitions are some of the RC highlights that create an active campus life and vibrant residential community.

RC Requirements

The two-semester residency requirement is a critical part of the undergraduate experience at the University of Macau. Most students fulfill the residency requirement during their first year at the University. Students are also required to complete the CPED1000 (RC course), attend at least one of the High Table Dinners, and give a group project presentation, typically in their second year of study.

Visit https://rc.um.edu.mo/ for more information on the RC system and ten RCs. If you have any enquiries, please email us at rc.enquiry@um.edu.mo.