Campus Map

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Locations of Buildings and Rooms

Buildings on the campus are coded E, S, W, or N, according to the zone in which they are located. E, S, W, and N indicate the east, south, west, and north of the campus, respectively. Please refer to the campus map for detailed information.

Every room on the campus is assigned a number, indicating the location of the room. Below are some examples:

E31 – 2009     (E31 = Student Activity Centre  2=2nd Floor   009 = Room 009)

N8 – G002h    (N8 = UM Sport Complex     G=Ground Floor 002h= Room 002h)

N6 – G018      (N6 = Administration Building  G= Ground Floor  018= Room 018)

University Almanac

Please visit the website of Registry for a detailed UM Academic Calendar