Student Services and Cultural Activities Programmes

Student Resources Section (SRS) is committed to working with the mission and vision of the University and Student Affairs Office, as well as to following the policies and guidelines of the Macao S.A.R. government on youth and education. SRS provides appropriate student services and organises diversified cultural and art activities for students. The ultimate aims are to help students to improve learning efficacy, enrich campus life, enhance their sense of cultural and artistic appreciation and foster personal development. SRS strives to advocate:

–           Transmitting knowledge through culture

–           Cultivating competence through activities

–           Shaping character through service

Student Services

  • Student Insurance

We are responsible for the arrangement of personal accident insurance, travel insurance and medical insurance for students.

  • Student Caring Service

SRS provides caring services to students who need special assistance. In case of any incident report received, we will immediately follow up and provide various kinds of consulting services so as to assist the student in overcoming his/her difficulties.

  • Non-local Student Service

To help non-local students adapt to the new environment, we provide pick-up service at the beginning of each academic year. We also assist and coordinate the arrangement for their medical check-up and first Stay Permit application.

  • Locker Rental

We offer lockers at the central teaching building and various faculty buildings to provide students with storage convenience. Locker rental is available through myUM Portal.

  • Other Personalised Service

Students are welcome to contact us at any time should they encounter any special circumstances that need help and advice. We will provide the most appropriate assistance, referral or solution.

National Flag Team and Cultural and Arts University Teams

  • National Flag Team

The National Flag Team (NFT) is the only military uniformed team at the University of Macau. NFT raises the flags of the People’s Republic of China, Macao S.A.R., and UM on the important days of the nation, Macau, and the university. We are committed to building a unique culture of NFT, instilling a life-long sense of pride among the student flag raisers and guards. Each residential college also has a sub-team to take part in this glorious mission. Moreover, outstanding NFT members will receive a certificate and the Bank of China Macau University of Macau National Flag Team Outstanding Team Members Scholarship presented by the Rector during the UM Convocation. NFT not only serves UM but is also dedicated to cooperating with primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions and uniformed associations in the local community, Greater Bay Area, and nation.

  • Cultural and Arts University Teams

We manage various  cultural and arts teams, including the Cantonese Debating Team, English Debating Team, Mandarin Debating Team, Portuguese Debating Team, Public Speaking Team, Choir, Chinese Orchestra, String Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Dance Troupe and National Flag Team, thereby providing opportunities for students to explore and develop their talents. Besides regular trainings, competitions and performances, we encourage the teams’ presence and participation in cultural activities and promotions on campus, as well as in exchanges and collaborations with local and overseas communities and organisations.

  • Campus Cultural Development and Cultural and Arts Activities

Concerts and performances of a varied nature are organised to help students develop a sense of appreciation for culture and arts and to enrich their campus life. Local and overseas artists and performing groups are also invited to provide high-quality art performances and activities for all UM members. Besides, we collaborate with various associations in Macao to organise cultural activities on campus, so as to foster cultural exchanges and broaden students’ exposure to diverse culture and arts.

Activities on National and Regional Education

  • Activities on National, Regional Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Various student activities aligning with the youth policy of the Macao S.A.R. government are organised to strengthen students’ knowledge of national affairs as well as the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Macao S.A.R.

Venue Management and Training

  • Student Activity Centre

We are responsible for the venue and facility management, as well as technical support of the Student Activity Centre (E31), a popular venue for organising various activities.

  • Stage Management Programme

Interested students can enrol in the programme to obtain on-the-job training at the Student Activity Centre to gain valuable work experiences and professional skills in venue and stage management. Such exposure can improve their competitiveness while providing services to the University and other students.

Accommodation  Management

We are responsible for providing accommodation and services for university postgraduate students, researchers and guests.

Postgraduate House

PGH consists of S1, S2, S3, S4 and W32. At PGH, we strive to create a Friendly, Intellectual, Smart, Healthy (FISH) living environment, to promote students’ academic, research and employment ability. Due to limited accommodation, starting from AY2022/23, the University will only ensure accommodation for year-one postgraduate students who are in their first year of study and do not have a residence in Macao.

  • PGH House Tutor Programme

This programme promotes learning through service. It encourages students to serve PGH and UM community. Each postgraduate house building has well-trained house tutors to serve students and work together with SRS to create a comfortable living environment as well as to organise different activities to promote academic and social development.

  • PGH Fellow

In order to enrich campus life and provide support to students’ development, PGH Fellows give advice to students on academic, research, employment and life issues based on their rich experiences.

  • Floor Events

Apart from the yearly orientation activities, PGH also organizes floor events to enrich the dormitory culture. This can also help students to strengthen their sense of belonging to PGH.

  • Tea with the Dean of Students Series

In order to promote whole person development of postgraduate students, the Dean of Students will organize tea sessions and invite prominent professors and dignitaries to share on different subjects.

  • PGH Points

The PGH Point System is an education management system of the postgraduate house. University as an educational institution, education should not only occur in the classroom and laboratory, but also in PGH. Students can gain points by participating in UM or PGH lectures and activities. Students with higher points will be given priority in the allocation of single rooms, priority to participate in activities and other rewards. Points can also be used to make up for minor violations in PGH.

  • PGH Sports Team

In order to enrich the campus life, enhance the sense of belongings in the PGH community, build up the habit of physical exercise, and promote the spirit of working healthily for the country and society, PGH Basketball Team and Soccer Team were established in 2018. SRS organizes training to improve the teams’ strength, confidence, and honor. Meanwhile, SRS creates opportunities for the teams to participate in competitions both on and off-campus to foster the connection between UM postgraduate students and the community.

Accommodation for Research Staff

We provide accommodation for UM research staff. Due to limited accommodation, researchers need to apply via their own academic units.

Guest Accommodation

N1 Guest House accommodates university guests and has 101 guest rooms with facilities such as a fitness room, meeting room and activity room. Only reservations from UM internal departments are accepted.