Student Leadership

  • Student Organisation Service

To facilitate the operation and development of student organisations, we offer advice on the organisation of student activities as well as support in the form of resources and funding. We also organise training and development activities to the student leaders to strengthen various aspects of their competencies. Running student organisations offers opportunities for students to enhance their academic and social life on campus. Benefits include developing a sense of involvement, leadership skills and empowerment. These experiences nurture campus spirit and facilitate successful integration of the students into the society to become contributing members in future.

  • Student Leadership Training Programme

The programme aims to nurture and develop students’ leadership qualities through different activities and training, enhance their self-confidence, communication and independent thinking skills. Furthermore, this programme will provide opportunities and platform for students to acquire and apply knowledge and skills in interpersonal relationship, teamwork, crisis management, and power speaking, etc. The entire programme lasts for two years, mainly for Year 1 and Year 2 students.

  • Campus Training Programme

The programme provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge into practical work. Students can utilise their spare time to gain actual work experiences through on-the-job training provided by the Student Affairs Office as well as the participation in university activities. Such experiences can enhance students’ personal competitiveness in the future job market and facilitate the development of a sense of belonging to the University and the society. The four streams of the programme include office administrative trainees, masters of ceremony, activity ambassadors and social media planners.

Whole Person Nurturing

  • The Way to UM — New Student Orientation Programme

The Way to UM is a comprehensive orientation programme designed to provide new students with a dynamic and interactive experience in learning about the University, thereby helping them prepare for their wonderful and exciting university life.

  • Whole Person Development Award Programme

We encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities in various aspects constituting the UM competencies score (CS), namely Responsible Citizenship, Global Competitiveness, Knowledge Integration, Teamwork and Collaboration, Service and Leadership, Cultural Engagement and Healthy Lifestyle. Through this scheme, we hope to foster balanced and all-round development of students. Those with outstanding performances will be awarded with scholarships.

  • Smart Point Scheme

Students are encouraged to participate in campus activities actively through the Smart Point Scheme. The more Smart Points students accumulate, the greater their opportunity in getting a chance to participate in overseas summer programme.

  • Summer Programme

In cooperation with universities and institutes from over 20 countries and regions worldwide, we offer more than 80 summer programmes to students.

  • Scholarships

We constantly negotiate with commercial corporations for scholarship donations, so as to increase the number of scholarships and thereby the number of student-beneficiaries.

  • Financial Aid

We provide tuition fee instalments and related consultation services to students in need. Students with financial difficulties may approach us to apply for tuition fee instalments and seek advice on financial aid and other resources.

  • Incoming Exchange Student Services

We provide services to incoming exchange students including general enquiry, application and pre-departure arrangement. We will also organize different types of cultural exchange activities on campus, such as Macao Cultural Fest and International Food Festival.