Career Development Centre

Further Study Service

  • Preparation Courses on Graduate Admission Tests

The courses aim at assisting students to prepare for graduate school admission tests. The courses include TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT.

  • Tea with Professors

We invite professors from different faculties to meet students in small groups over tea, giving students guidance and advice on matters related to further study.

  • Further Study Talks & Workshops

We invite representatives from top universities to provide students with admission information. In addition, the further study workshops aim at enhancing students’ skills and competitiveness. Topics include personal statement and resume writing.

  • Further Study Advising Service

We provide consultation services covering further study advice, resume and personal statement review to assist students in their further study preparation. Moreover, students can connect with alumni through the “Alumni Online” to learn from their personal experiences and advice on further study.

Career Service

  • Alumni Mentorship Scheme

The scheme aims at providing students with opportunities to interact with and learn from alumni.

  • Career Advising Service

Students may make appointments with us for career advice, mock interviews, and resume review.

  • Career Interest Assessment Workshops

The workshops aim at helping students better understand their occupational interests and personality traits through self-exploration activities and career interest assessments

  • Career Training Workshops

The workshops aim at enhancing students’ skills in job hunting and increasing their competitiveness in career development. Topics include job-hunting skills, interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, etc.

  • Internship

We arrange internship to assist students in obtaining practical experiences and skills related to their studies.

  • UM Job-hunting Platform

We liaise with employers and assist students in job searching. The Job Vacancy E-system is an electronic platform for such function. Each year, we invite companies and organisations from various sectors to participate in the Career & Internship Fair and offer Recruitment Talks, so as to provide students with a broader perspective of the job market as well as employment and internship opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Service

  • Entrepreneurship Competitions

The competitions aim at nurturing students’ entrepreneurial skills and promoting an entrepreneurship culture on campus.

  • Entrepreneurship Workshops and Talks

We invite professionals and entrepreneurs to conduct workshops and talks to enhance students’ knowledge and interests in starting new businesses.

Psychological Counselling Centre PSY COUN

  • Psychological Counselling

We provide professional and confidential psychological counselling service, aiming at enhancing students’ personal growth, adjustment to university life, and capability to cope with challenges. We also offer psychological wellness education to students to improve their psychological well-being.

  • Mental Health First Aid Standard Course    MHFA

We offer this course every year to train students to become Mental Health First Aiders so that they are equipped with the skills to provide instant assistance to their peers under emotional distress and to make appropriate referral to professional help.

  • Psychological Awareness and Personal Enrichment Workshops

Various topics of workshops on psychological health and personal enrichment are organized to enhance students’ awareness on psychological health, such as Personality Dimensions, Interpersonal Relationships and Communication, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Improving Sleeping Quality etc.

Disability Support Services

We provide tailor-made resources and accommodations to students with documented permanent or temporary disabilities, giving them an equal opportunity to education, university life, and other services and activities at the University.