Medical Service

There are 3 major hospitals in Macao, the publicly funded named Hospital Center S. Januário, and the privately funded named Kiang Wu Hospital and the University Hospital. All hospitals provide in-patient and out-patient services. For 24-hour emergency services, please visit Hospital Center S. Januário and Kiang Wu Hospital. For non-emergency medical consultation, you may visit one of the various Health Centres located on Macao Peninsula, Taipa or Coloane Island.

Apart from western medical treatment, traditional Chinese medical service are also available in Macao Health Bureau, Kiang Wu Hospital and the University Hospital.

Medical Service Providers Tel. Nr. Website
Hospital Center S. Januário 2831 3731
Island Emergency Station of Hospital Center S. Januário 2899 2230
Kiang Wu Hospital (Macao) 2837 1333/2892 2822

(Taipa) 8295 4001
University Hospital 2882 1838
Health Bureau 2871 3105
Health Centre (Ocean Garden, Taipa) 2881 3089
Health Centre (Edifício do Lago, Taipa) 2850 0400

Medical Insurance

UM medical insurance is mandatory for all registered students, except those are approved for exemption. The insurance scheme period starts from the registration day to 31 July 2020 and covers out-patient visits and hospitalization benefits. The insurance premium is MOP120 for academic year 2019/2020. For further information about the UM Medical Insurance Scheme, Waiver Guidelines and Exemption Application, please visit the website of Student Resources Section.

For further details, please refer to the “Student Insurance” section in this handbook.


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