Academic Computing Facilities

There are computing facilities provided by ICTO at Central Teaching Building E6 for academic purposes:

  • Computer Room: There are 6 computer rooms for conducting general education and computer literacy related courses located at 2/F and 3/F of Central Teaching Building (E6). They are E6-2092, E6-2093, E6-2095, E6-3092, E6-3093 and E6-3094. Computer rooms E6-3092, E6-3093 and E6-3094 open for 24 hours, other rooms open on Monday to Saturday from 07:30 to 24:00 (excluding public holidays). All computer rooms run unattended on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and during non-office hours.
  • Fast access computer: There are some fast access computers located at G/F and 1/F of Central Teaching Building (E6) for printing purpose.
  • Personal Multimedia Computer Room: There are 2 rooms, E6-1091g and E6-1091h located at 1/F of Central Teaching Building (E6). These rooms are equipped with professional software and hardware. Students can edit and do the post-production on multimedia as well as output them into computer and Internet playable format.

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