The Postgraduate House consists of 4 buildings, providing accommodation to more than 2,600 UM postgraduate students (mainly non-local and exchange students), visiting professors, research staff, and guests. It aims to provide residents with a comfortable and supportive environment conducive to their intellectual, social, and emotional development. Various programmes and activities will be organised to foster learning and research.

Renting an Apartment

If you prefer to rent your own apartment outside the campus, it is advisable to rent through a real estate agency. Here are some tips on renting an apartment:

  • State your requirements (e.g. price, location, size, furniture, etc.) clearly to the real estate agency;
  • Check carefully the conditions of the apartment, furniture, and electrical appliances. Otherwise, you may be responsible for the maintenance fee or compensation for the damages occurred during the rental period;
  • Your agency will prepare a contract for both the landlord and you. Utility fees are normally not included in the rent, but special arrangements may be made with the landlord. Make sure to state all the arrangements in the contract;
  • Usually you will be asked to pay two months’ rent in advance, one for the advance payment, and the other for deposit. You will also need to pay commission to the agency, which is usually equivalent to one month’s rent;
  • As a general practice, no telephone line (land-line) is provided in the apartment. Should you need one, you can apply from the local telecommunication company, CTM (Tel: 1000).

If you decide to stop renting the apartment, you should inform the landlord in advance.

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